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the american economy. spoiler alert. $5 trillion coin. that will do it. because one, what is that going to do? traditionally the president of the united states submits a budget detailing spending priorities in february. it is april. the president has yet to deliver. most likely taking great care given the enormous stakes, wanting to fine tune this budget to get it just right. it could go... >> dead on arrival. that is the early verdict from house republicans about president obama's budget proposal. >> jon: noooo! it can't be dead. they sent me one. no air holes in it. i'm sure it's fine. i'm sure... noooo! not today, budget. not today. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: why, these are just scripts for the photocopied budget cover. i've been lying to everybody. all right. but that's just it. the right doesn't like anything obama does. how does the left feel >> furious democrats upset about entitlements >> very disappointed. that is one big pile of [bleep]. >> jon: well, the senator from jurassic park is correct. so finally barack obama brings republicans and democrats together in shared dislike.
might have missed. first of all the economy is terrible. la of laugh all human thought has now been limited to 140 characters. [ laughter ] and most importantly nevil longbottom now looks like this. [cheers and applause] i think we can all agree that that is a real message of hope. [ laughter ] now, another big change is that thanks to ted talks -- [cheers and applause] -- all the real smarty people with the cutting edge ideas are now legally required to use a headset microphone when changing the world with thought. why? well, observe how it frees up my hands. [ laughter ] so i can communicate how together we can reframe the issues and shift the paradigm so that we can pull ourselves -- [laughter] -- [cheers and applause] into a brighter tomorrow. [ laughter ] and today, here, at the clinton global initiative i'm proud to announce the birth of a brand new cgi, the colbert galactic initiative. thank you. very excited. you are the first to know. don't get me wrong global is good. it's cute, baby steps. i'm just thinking a little bit bigger. i assume many of you here in this room are h
their economy. they know that. >> jon: we did send them rum. >> we did. i'm not sure the government did that but anyway. >> jon: i can't believe you are still doing that type of diplomatic -- do you get miles -- when you go do you get to upgrade? >> when i ride on dealt yeah get frequent flier miles. [laughter] >> jon: i love it. president jimmy carter. thank you so
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)